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Welcome to my Veloverse. You can find links to collections of my routes on the platforms and apps listed below. The exception is OS, who don't support collections, so you need the individual links below.  Also links to:
the relevant blog posts here, where there will be updates and additions to the notes. 
copies of the GPX files and associated notes based on the Outdooractive versions. You can use these with most other mapping apps in including Google Maps.

Note that you will get only get up to date waypoint and other notes on the blog and older versions on Outdooractive and the OS Webapp. The other apps do not import waypoint details. If you want a bit more information on using the maps, apps and notes, see this page of the blog. (link) Explanations

You can find these routes in 'Collections' or the equivalent on: 
Outdooractive   Pootler on Outdooractive
BikeMap           Pootler on BikeMap  
Route You         Pootler on Route You
Komoot             Pootler on Komoot
Ride with GPS   Pootler on Ride with GPS
Google Maps    Collection 1    Collection 2
NB. Some of these mapping apps require you to sign up first. That is usually free.  

See below for links to individual routes on the OS Maps app. (They don't publish collections!).  
Through the collections or with a bit of searching you can also find them routes, but without the notes and with a lot of their own frequently inaccurate, superfluous and and promotional fluff, on Komoot, Route You and Ride with GPS.
Generally, even when the apps import the waypoint details, the apps don't. So if you want the waypoint notes (and I hope you do), check the blog.  

Cycle Route data for other apps

Giro de Lilley Bottom Blog Post
Railway: Harpenden 

Goring Gap Blog Post
Goring Gap pdf       
Railway: Didcot, Goring & Streatley

Highs and Lows of Cherwell Blog Post
Railway: Bicester Village, Bicester North, Islip   

Metroland Blog Post
Railway:  Haddenham & Thame Parkway

Midsomer Murders Blog Post
Railway: Princes Risborough

Nasty, Romans & Vogons Blog Post
Railway :  Knebworth 

Nobs & Yobs Blog Post
Nobs & Yobs pdf   
Railway: Charlbury

Rothschildshire Blog Post
Railway: Wendover 

Tadpole Bridge Blog Post
Railway : Oxford

Saints, Ravers & Crazies Blog Post
Railway: Twyford

Greenham & the Kennet Blog Post
Railway : Theale 

Lambourn Valley & Wessex Downs Blog Post
Railway  : Newbury 

The Barrow Downs Blog Post
Railway : Hungerford

Calleva & The Devil's Highway Blog Post 
Railway : Theale & Twyford

High Chilterns & Horrible Henrys Blog Post 
Railway : Goring & Streatley 

High Weald Blog Post (No Waypoint Detail Available) 
Railway : Three Bridges & Polegate or Eastbourne

Overnight / Longer Rides 

Avalon Blog Post
Avalon   GPX 
Avalon  pdf
Railway : Castle Cary 

Avon & Test   Blog Post
Avon & Test    GPX 
Avon & Test     pdf
Railway : Pewsey 

Oundle Blog Post
Oundle  GPX 
Oundle  pdf
Railway : Bedford 

For the Future

15 routes done. 5 more targeted. Here are some of my current ideas. If you can suggest better ones, please do. 
  • North Essex, Maldon & Dedham Vale
  • Chalfont & Latimer : A hilly circular within the Chilterns. 
  • Northampton to Market Harborough, with a lot off road.
  • The Lea Valley : Stratford to Hertford
  • Walbury Hill & South from Hungerford
.......but I might decide instead to do a few walks or add in some two day rides, perhaps Wiltshire. Or wake up and smell the coffee. 

I am also working on posting the routes on Ride With GPS and improving the presentation on Komoot and RouteYou. But this is time consuming and it might take time to get around to it! 


  1. 'North Essex, Maldon & Dedham Vale'
    I can recommend this, but would put Manningtree at centre instead of Maldon - i.e both sides of River Stour (Essex & Suffolk). Lovely nature reserves and of course the heart of Constable country.
    For a trip starting at Maldon - I'd suggest the Dengie Peninsula, then you could cycle to the Saxon Church at Bradwell-on-Sea. To the north of Maldon plenty of Thames Estuary, and worth a look towards Tiptree.


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