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The Rough Guide to Hell

Pandemonium This is an introduction to my short series of posts what Hell was though to look like.    I like to write about places, mostly real but sometimes imaginary. When we think about them, the distinction between the two blurs. What would Tintagel mean without Arthur, Dedham Vale without Constable or, further afield, Olympus without gods?  These relationships change over time. Now, in a world increasingly defined by technology, dreams inhabit landscapes shaped by science fiction, fantasy or escapism. I haven’t a clue what people dreamed of in medieval times but would bet that their hopes and fears were far more influenced by their relationship with the almighty and that heaven and hell were very real to them. We haven’t quite shaken that off. Centuries later Ian Paisley was stoking the same hellfire from his pulpit in Antrim. How did people once imagine heaven and hell? The attractions of heaven were described in terms that were cloudy in every sense, so I wanted to explore their