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The Suburban Semi

  My earlier post on Metroland looked 'in the round' at the o uter suburbs which carpeted London between the two World Wars.  To place this in time, the majority were built in the 1930's. The memory of this decade is coloured by the events in Europe, where Hitler was on the rise, and the USA, recovering from the depression than was more severe than here. Put aside the misery in the declining north as well, the Jarrow Marchers came from a different, declining world. In South East England, Stanley Baldwin's people were doing well. Think radios, lido's, new industrial estates along the arterial roads. The opportunities move south!  London expanded with new development propelled in large part by people who expected to commute into London grew rapidly both in population and area  who wanted to buy their house rather than rent it and who could then exercise an unprecedented degree of control over where and what they bought; and that was a semi in the suburbs. Why? Often,